Welcome to my website ,which aims to show you what I like shooting best . 

I  began my career in the darkroom, printing black and white portfolio prints for some of the leading London advertising and fashion photographers of their day. They were my inspiration to become a photographer myself.

I have worked with some of the leading advertising agencies and design groups on a wide range of accounts .From automotive to animal healthcare , cruises and supermarkets . My clients have included The British Army, The Royal Airforce, Champney’s , Fiat, Land Rover, Mercedes, P&O Cruises, Sainsburys and Vauxhall.

Being a photographer in this industry is very much twenty four seven and requires much imagination and resourcefulness. I have managed to create the snowy Antarctic in a Welsh quarry, taken camels on a beach to become the desert, orchestrated a cavalcade of taxis in Trafalgar Square for a van advertisement and created a full scale authentic film set complete with actors in period costume and all the paraphernalia involved in making a feature film, as the background for a car advertisement .

Aerial photography has taken me from tropical rainforests in South America to the frozen north of Norway .

My first photographic book published called “ Birds Eye London “ nearly two hundred pages of aerial photography showcasing London where I have worked all my life .

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